Nowadays, people often choose double strollers for their twins on the grounds that the vehicle has a lot of outstanding features and functions. In the past, there was no stroller for babies since the technology had not developed. However, in this modern society, purchasing a double stroller is very common. Several families buy two single strollers for two babies while others select to buy a double stroller instead. Both ways have advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we will give you more details about the two ways and how to choose a suitable Top Rate double stroller 2015.

  1. Comparison between using single and double stroller

As said above, each way has benefits and drawbacks. Now, we will look at this matter in more details to point out the way that gains more advantages over the other one.

  • Using two single strollers

It is obvious that using two single strollers for two babies is convenient. The space for each baby is equal. They have separate seat and can observe the same things in the same large space. However, we will need two people to push both strollers. It is very difficult to keep an eye on both babies when there is only one person pushing the stroller. In particular, if your babies often insist on going out for lunch, you will have to bring them out and feed them. You cannot both feed two babies and push two strollers while you have to hold the bowls of porridge or rice. This is the most inconvenient thing of using two single strollers.

  • Using a double stroller

Using a double stroller can help you to handle all the problems you have to deal with if you use two single ones. As there is only one handle bar and you only need to push one. The space for twin babies is large and convenient. The double stroller has full of equipment equally for both babies. However, the only disadvantage is that you will have to push heavier stroller. To estimate, a double stroller is quite heavy but in comparison with pushing two single strollers, pushing a double one is much lighter and easier. The weight is the only hindrance. Nonetheless, nowadays, the wheels of the double strollers are being innovated to make it lighter to push.

As comparing above, it is clearly seen that using a double stroller gains more benefits over using two single ones.

  1. Experience for choosing a double stroller

As usual when buying anything for twins, mothers often choose the things of the same type. For any equipment, they have to buy two units. However, with a double stroller, buying one is enough. Here are some standards for assessing a double stroller.

  • High quality

It is not difficult to choose a good double stroller. We had better consider all the aspects thoroughly to buy products at reasonable prices. In the market, there are a wide variety of double strollers of different quality, design and at different price. It is advisable to come to big supermarkets and prestigious stores to choose strollers for the quality to be insured.

A good double stroller should have some features like: frame made of aluminum alloy, foldable, the weight around 7 – 10 kilograms, the back cushion layer adjustable, wheel and brake good and shockproof, equipped with belts.

  • Current favorite designs

There are many designs for us to select: a double stroller with four single wheels, six double wheels and ten double wheels. Each type has different features and benefits. All those types are of modern design and have multiple functions. The design patterns and colors are attractive to babies. For each type, you ought to take such factors into account as material (water resistant and airy), the cushion layer (soft) and the belts (with 5 levels to adjust).

These are some instructions and notes for you in terms of selecting a good double stroller for you twin babies. All the instructions are very easy to understand as well as to follow. In addition, we are confident that our products will come up to your expectations. We have full of latest models for double strollers that are suitable for various target customers.