Tips For Your Children Smarter

From time immemorial, many scientists have been trying to find answers to the question: Is there any sport that can help us to become smarter? Especially parents always find out this problem. Street sports such as skateboarding, or choose a beginner Longboard for your child, or a little ball to play football…

 From time immemorial, many scientists have been trying to find answers to the question: Is there any sport that can help us to become smarter? Especially parents are always a headache to find out the problem.

Doing Exercise

Sport for the first intellectual exercise that almost everyone thought was chess, Chinese chess. In fact, the intellectual sport is classified as a recreation of the same type with the crossword, puzzles, decrypted, Sudoku (Magic Squares) just so happy just to help train thinking ability, solve problems and make decisions, challenges, not intelligence can completely solve the problem of enhancing the brain healthy.

So far, researchers have known that physical training alters brain structure and affect thinking. In 2000, scientists at the Salk Institute Institute in California, the US announced a finding that suggests the nature breakthrough physical exercise stimulates the production of brain cells. And now scientists at the National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan have completed a scientific study to find out how they work can be most beneficial to the human brain. And the answer is to play many sports athletes anonymous, collective. Assoc. Charles Hillman (physiological mobilization department, University of Illinois), it “seems to exercise to strengthen the heart and lung activity, making a difference”.

In one experiment also conducted by the University of Illinois, a number of elderly people are choosing to take a 6-month long program. These people are chosen stretching exercises or brisk walking body. As a result of brisk is walking group and encouraging improvement in memory. Bottom line is that exercise is not only to promote health, prevent disease and slow the aging process, but also have tremendous effects to each intelligence.

Science eating

For years, people are still talking about what foods help or help human memory smarter. That’s absolutely right. In folklore, food 2 most talked about fish and pumpkin. According to scientists, wants to ensure no lack of material “brain tonic”, the nature noteworthy are:

Taurin and amino acid (AA) are found in meat, fish, seafood, eggs … Taurin needed in Phase brain and nervous outburst, and since I was an embryo. If it is to have enough taurin “bright eyes, bright” is.

The fatty acids “unsaturated” DPA, DHA and omega lines – 3 (found in oily fish), omega – 6 (found in canola oil, sunflower oil, soybean oil, corn oil) … very good for the brain .

Select The Sport For Physical Training Baby

Along we learn more about the types of physical exercises like this and select an appropriate subject for your little one.

Balance of body

When doing these exercises like aerobic physical training, the baby’s heart and lung activity will cause fatigue and body starts to sweat. The form of exercise is both good for the baby’s body part makes the mind more receptive to active oxygen.

So show your little one try to practice the sport as a healthy and vibrant: aerobic, dance freely to the music, shake ring or basic exercises … this is the goal to help balance the entire body baby from the arm, leg and abdomen waist…

Muscle Development

These are the sports activities offer little more strength, especially for boys. To train effectively, you should set a regular baby 3 days / week, combining sensible diet.

Here are some suggestions motor sport helps develop muscles:

Artificial Climbing

Jogging or rowing


Swimming and martial arts

The campaign goal with the ball: basketball, football, volleyball kids …

Selecting the sport physical training baby

Development of bone

Not only about developing the muscles that form the skeletal structure of the baby at this time is also very interesting. The sport helps bone development and healthier babies are: Artificial Climbing, running, badminton, swimming, gymnastics, football and basketball…

Brain development

Apart from muscle exercises usually try also to consider adopting a baby sports disciplines to help brain development, such as chess, Chinese chess, table tennis … These are good subjects for brain training your baby and can also be a form of entertainment with other family members.

Please choose for your children a favorite sport. The exercise will help children improve their motor skills, help them become more confident and create habits for long term health.