The movement of skateboard

The life of man is increasingly high. Therefore, modern sport is growing. Besides traditional sports like athletics, swimming, football …, the new sports activities with nature youthful, adventurous strongly appealed to youth. It is easy to realize this through movement of worldwide.

And now Best Longboards For Beginners Girls is being a trend for the youth. It is play much in the modern society.

  • The trend of the youth

Besides the most popular rap music, street Graffiti strokes delicate subjects BMX (bicycle performances), Skateboarding (skateboarding) and FMX (motorcycle terrain) were youth participants practice and under Subscribe extremely excited. First, let’s find out if this sport is all about and why it brought the appeal to players and viewers. Skateboarding (skateboarding) is represented on the board act with different techniques.

  • The concept of skateboard

The skaters often called skater. Skateboarding can be considered an art, sport, a hobby or a means of transport. However, due to the technical complexity of skateboarding and requires creativity, many people still see it as an art of street artists. Skis generally ellipse shape and motifs, colors on the board showing personality and style of its owner. Skateboarding originated from surfing activities in California in 1950. The development of strong Hip-hop movement helped Skateboarding fast becoming the preferred subject of youth.

Statistics from the American sports association in 2002, with 12.5 million players all skaters are up to 2005; around 32 million people participated in the game. Skateboarding technique gives the player the feeling generous, adventurous, is to assert itself. Players feel that technical ingenuity, strength of each jump. Skateboarding has attracted players and audience by the special feeling. Skateboarding has evolved over four times the first period, in the 1950s, skateboarding was formed gradually from operations surfing in California. Meanwhile, skateboarding only called “fake surf”.

By the mid-1950s, when the company first launched on skis, especially the appearance of the skis in the movie Back to the Future (Back to the Future), skateboarding began to grow strongly. Skateboarding magazine was first launched in 1965 and the first world championships were also held in the same year. But by the late 1960s, skateboarding started to go down with the collapse of a series of factory.

  • The process of skateboard

Second period began in 1970 with the Frank Nasaworthy invented skis using synthetic resin, giving players more speed and easier to manage. However, until the late 1970s, skateboarding continues to go down. The third period began in the early 1990s with the formation of free skateboarding category.

This type of technique shown very attractive young as 360 degrees swivel overhead or sliding on the stairs … However, express too much on the street led to the ban from the US judiciary to ensure protect the freedom of citizens. This has slowed skateboarding to a time.

The synthetic material has skaters feels excited for players. The playground is also designed to help the skater freedom of their technical performances. Skateboarding has become a culture of young people in the western world and is being replicated in developing countries and is an integral part of competitions worldwide evolution of Skateboarding has put it into two directions with quite different characteristics. The first direction keeps it to the original specifications with street performances. It creates the impression a bold skateboarding wild, naturally.

  • The movement of skateboard

The second direction of movement Skateboarding world is modernizing, putting it into a sports competition with the emergence of skateboarding stars. It was the arrival sports channels organization. This is where the skater brings together hundreds of professional and amateur athletes as well as other subjects involved in exchanges and competitions. Evolution of skateboarding in recent years is also due to the appearance of this contest – where the skater can perform techniques gifted skaters. Along with movement, skateboarding has expanded worldwide. Pictures of the rapper appeared always associated with skateboard. A new lifestyle is spreading around the world strongly.

So those of skateboarding equipment is also very limited. According to the Skater is to the sport, apart from skis have equipped: Clothes, sneakers dedicated to skateboarding. However, the young people we contact mostly without the aforementioned equipment. Partly because these instruments play skateboarding scarce, partly because it is expensive.

These are the dreams skateboards brothers skateboard.