Some things about balance bike

Most of kids usually feel very interesting when riding a bike however they usually worry when they have to learn to ride a bike because kid will have to learn many things from how to keep balance, cycling, changing direction as well as the injuries can happen when learning. In this case, balance bike has been designed in order to make learning to ride a bike become an interesting and comfortable experience for kid. Balance bike is a 2-wheeled bike with small and smart design, no pedal, having brake with main feature to help kid focus on skill to keep balance when riding with bike. According to Balance Bike Reviews 2015, balance bike has become an indispensable device to help kid learn to ride a bike. Below are the most basic things about balance bike.

  1. Design

Balance bike is designed specifically for kid from 18 months to 6 years old. Saddle of this bike is designed very low and users can decrease height of this saddle for kid from 18 months and over can sit steady on bike with two feet on the ground. Balance bike is designed with lightweight therefore kid can carry this device with two hands and sometimes when necessary kid can lift this device to change direction very easily.

Tire of balance is made by soft plastic very durable therefore kid can move on many different terrains from cement, gravel, sand or grass. Although balance bike is designed without pedal but it also have place to put feet very convenient and kid will feel very comfortable when moving with this bike. Steering of balance bike is designed with ability to rotate 360 degree therefore kid will not be limited angle when turning direction – this thing is very helpful to help kid avoid injuries caused by steering.

  1. Pros of balance bike

With a balance bike, your kid will know how to ride a bike very quickly without needing any support from parents. Even your kid had known to ride a bike then they will also like this balance bike because it will allow them playing many different skills on many different terrains. According many scientific researches, there are many sports which are considered good for health and help to increase independence then riding a bike is one of the most suitable sports for kid. Many researches have proven that if kid usually rides a bike since young then kid will decrease over 50 percents heart disease risk and many other dangerous diseases. In addition, if kid knows to ride a bike from early then kid can self-equip for themselves activeness, independence without needing to have support of parents.

Today, many kids still learn to ride a bike by the bike with extra wheels – this bike can help kid sit without fearing fallen when riding, easy to move however it also makes kid lose many thing which they do not know. Kid will be depending too much and they will not be able to learn how to keep balance – an important skill in riding a bike therefore your kid will have many difficulties when transition to a normal bike.

All things will be solved very easily with balance bike. As mentioned above, balance bike is designed with low saddle to ensure that feet of kid always touch with ground, no pedal – a special and suitable design to help kid move slowly to learn how to keep balance when riding. Therefore, balance bike is a great choice to help kid have the best preparation before riding a bike.

With smart design, balance bike has become a perfect device to help kid learn to ride a bike as well as providing many necessary skills for kid before riding a bike. Balance ability of balance bike at low speed will allow kid acquaint quickly with balance feeling. This bike will teach many things for kid – confidence, brave and so on. Kid will start gliding while lifting two feet from ground and keeping balance in longer time. In addition, parents will not have to worry about safety of their kid when they ride this bike because with this bike, kid will be very hard to fall even is impossible therefore injuries will be  minimized maximally with this bike.