Riding With A Fixedgear Bike In The Trips

Young people are energetic and want to express individuality. Another way to express the dynamism and overcoming challenges is to use bicycles without brakes, also known as FixedGear bike. There are many kinds of bike to ride, so I hope the kind fixedgear bike you will be liked it. I sure you will feel amazing if  you travel with a fixedgear bike in your trip.

What Is Fixedgear?

FixedGear started gaining popularity in 2000 in the European and American countries, and it quickly became a movement of people who play bicycle.

The biggest difference between FixedGear and regular bikes is that it has no brakes, and salamanders (lip) is fixed to the wheel hub. Thus means that when the bike was moving, the pedals will still revolving, impossible to pedal stationary while vehicles are moving.

Pedal with a cord to ensure safety for new players, as well as to stop the bike. With such a structure of the salamander, so when bikes would pedal to move forward, even when the bike will backpedal backward.

One of the interesting points is that the handlebars FixedGear there are many kinds. For example, the record straight east, east croissants burn, burn bikes crowded the 3 … more brilliant color, then their owners, even more, attention and especially the color of each are not the same FixedGear. Players can adjust their style bikes and express the personality of each person.

Worked Hard To Become A Master

“Techniques of FixedGear brake nor difficult just set right technique. People are often braking technique called skit or play vehicles patine. In the course of training, if the player wants to stop the knee to foot direction upon downward, toes straps jerked upward, the rear wheels will stop spinning, the bike stopped “-

Play through feel very, but I have had to “pay the price” for your knees than a dozen bruises and scratches for three hours to know the right place at the right time braking and proper technique.

Jim added: “Average is about 2-3 hours to familiarize the techniques will grasp the brake but more than two months to run regularly can use mature FixedGear for traveling in big cities

Barry, one of the first to play FixedGear, shared: “I set a new two-month technical savvy brake. But now the young people learn very quickly, and techniques are predecessors to become familiar system very easy. Practice with FixedGear bike felt very interesting because I have to take the initiative completely. In the process of moving on the road, the driver must pay close attention to cope with all the situations that occur. ”

Things Need To Notice

Each of the FixedGear just a skeleton and slug-lip systems). The price of this frame each about 100 to 200 dollars, when users purchase will be equipped with a saddle, handlebars, pedals to become a standard FixedGear. At this point, the user can do according to preferences for customizing the FixedGear into a bauble to express their individuality.

However, to step into the game, users need to bikeefully consider the following a few points for the safety of themselves and their pockets.

Selection of vehicles: FixedGear has two lines. A brake line by riding backward. The second line is driving backward pedal backward. Learn and bikeefully consider the ability, character and his habits before buying a bike.

Select size bike: not select FixedGear too big or small for height itself. Because energy use will cost more FixedGear bike often, even when startup or high-speed bicycle. Therefore, a bike is too big or too small makes users more uncomfortable in the beginning

Tires and saddle if speed priority, choose smaller tires. If road trip often too rough or with obstacles, choose larger tires. For safety, check the tire is equipped with a protective layer (such as Kevlar belt or rubber coating protects the outside). Should choose a saddle with hard shaft inside and soft rubber coated and thick outside for comfort during movement.

Equipped with brakes: need brakes on this bike is not braking. In the case of rain or too long sloping ramp that there are many obstacles, braking techniques will not be effective in an emergency braking system.

The Benefits Of Cycling

Improve bikediopulmonary function: advocacy experts scientists say, cyclists can train full of body organs, enhance bikediopulmonary function and increase stamina, boost exchange substances and blood circulation, slow down the aging process.

Bicycles are also said to be one of the best means to overcome bikediopulmonary problems. Advocating long endurance can help blood oxygen saturation, reduce varicose veins symptoms, strengthen the heart muscle and heart rate more stable, increased blood volume flow than 2 to 2.5 times, resulting in bikediac consume less oxygen, higher work efficiency during exercise.

Enhance physical and patience: Exercise by walking cycling as a method to help you date an improvement of muscle function. Regular bicycling helps strengthen the leg muscles and is good for the movement of the hips and knees.

Gradually you will begin to see a significant improvement in the muscles in the legs, thighs, and hips. Also, cycling is a good way to build stamina. Because people love to ride a bike and they will not realize that more and more they can go further.

Improving the mental health: Biking outdoors can stimulate psychological health. This type of moderate exercise can make the body excrete a hormone called endorphins β, can help people get rid of anxiety, mentally happy, cheery. At the same time, the use of body full force during cycling will help narrow the blood vessels, causing blood circulation is accelerated, the brain consumes more oxygen, hearing ear eyed, wiser minds.