Guidelines of preparing for the camping trips

Camping is a type of outdoor sports that close to nature as possible. Camping has known longstanding, but recently it only develop strongly and everyone know its significance and utility of it. Camping refers to the act that individuals, families or groups stay in the area planned or built with equipment from one day to several days. Camping is an active outdoor recreation which the participants are called the camper who enjoy nature while experiencing one or two nights at the camps outside. Camping may involve the use of a tent, a primitive structure, or no shelter at all themselves. Besides, owning the best camping tents, necessary food, clothes, we also have to know some tips of camping. The camper can choose their place to camp or select campsites are designed at many levels. Many campsite have a special place that we hold campfire, barbecue party, but not all of the campgrounds have similar levels of development. The natural camper believe facilities and amenities to lose meaning and value of outdoor living experience. Have you ever known how to prepare for a camping trip?

Important things should be considered when choosing a tent:

  • Size:

Before purchasing a tent, you must know exactly how many members will take part in the camp and use tents, the amount of carried baggage and then find the most suitable tents with the most perfect size. Typically, it is better for you to know that the capability of a tent is just two, four or six people staying inside. In fact, that the tent is introduced for six or four people use is only hold two people that can stay comfortably insides. The next thing we should pay attention is the width and height of the tent. It is suggested that you had better choose the tent height of 1m8 and the tent width of 70cm to avoid hitting the head on the top of tent when standing up in tents, while it still create comfort space. In addition, you must choose a large enough tent to add some carried items in it. For the big tents that are used for the large family stay inside, you should not buy the travel types because family tents often contain flexible walls by fabric to be able to generate separate rooms for all members. The main pops of family tents are to have large space with both windows and doors. However, this type of tent also have many difficulties for us to use. For example, they are very heavy and hard for moving in the matter. Thus, you should only select large tent when your groups are crowded and private vehicle.

  • Appearance:

There are three basic types of camping tent: the A-shape, dome and wall. Depending on your kind and the purpose of using kind of tent, you should choose suitable shapes. However, the doors as well as windows of the tent play an important role that we must consider when choosing tents. You should select the tent with large doors in order to easily transfer.

  • Pillar, coupling:

We should choose the tents with solid tower, the coupling that can link with each other well, easily and tightly. After purchasing the tent, tent assembly exercise to test its robustness. If you feel not satisfied, you can change the type of tent to get more appropriate for your trip, need.’

  • Material fabric:

Almost of the tent types are now made of nylon so that they can wrap up the weight, while tent with waterproof ability will rise if you choose thicker fabrics. Therefore, you should consider the thick or thin fabric tent to travel by bicycle or motorbike in match. You should remember that you must dry them before the tents are actually rearranged. If you must carry a tent in wet condition, it should bring dry cloth and use disinfectants to prevent mold.

Other requirements for the camping trip

When you go camping in the forest, for example, you should not carry the momentum tone dresses. They can help you get the prettiest pictures, beautiful shot, but this is the chances for being squeezed mosquito bite, or having trouble dresses fried blind entangled trees. Especially, when it gets colder, you are more vulnerable. Clothing should fold curled just to save space for the backpack just to avoid wrinkles. When camping in place that is “green forest, black mountain”, the most sensible attire is the neat, gentle material that are easy to absorb sweat. Besides, we do not forget to bring light jacket for the colder precaution, when it dews bring cold air, especially when it is transferred receivables, weather changes constantly. In addition, the soft canvas shoes, soles have many thorns, nails to make more traction will be the optimal choice when traveling to the mountains prone to sliding. Moreover, we need to build up program in advance. The camp is not the place to get fun, arbitrarily resort, just where we something special there. It also active for campers without the empty minutes, motionless. The organization must have a very complete program, tight with the time, true to the theme or purpose of camping. We must also know the program and then backfilling the hole (if any) of the day. And then we go right program that means not extending the repertoire yet, though it is attractive repertoire.