Amazing Trips In Thailand By My Bike

Taking a deep breath, I enthusiastically participate in a sport … the worst I’ve ever participated in – cycling long distance in Thailand.

Join The Traffic Here Is Like Being Between A Sea Swim

Join the traffic here is swimming in a sea of motor vehicles. A sea of vehicles – cars, trucks, electric bicycles, bicycles, car salesmen of fruit and two-wheel trailers – filled up through the boulevards, where the traffic light is apparently only decorative objects.

My left side is a high school girl riding a Vespa in white robes flowing uniform with elbow-length gloves. The distance is so close that I could smell the perfume on her person. On the right is a family of five who was sitting squeezed together on a motorcycle.

I have a feeling that if someone suddenly change direction, it will entail the tumble of a variety of vehicles. But do not know why or by the other way, it is a miracle, all rhythmic activity. Before I used to think to Thailand without cycling is like going to the North Pole without dogs pulling sleds or to the Sahara desert without a camel ride. But I was not thinking of crossing the road in Thailand is also a risky sport.

Biking in Thailand is a great way to feel the pace, the breadth of the country. You will not feel anything about the culture without being spun between a sea of people, between the rice paddy, unsteadiness. Or walking slowly between a multitude of fish and vegetable market sales, or to divert a sudden certainly due to the push from behind, or collide with other types of livestock, cattle, those obstacles are creating traffic jams in the countryside.

Take A Long Trips By Bike Along To Roads In Thailand

Most executives travel by bike rel=”nofollow” is often recommended for long trips a week or so to help visitors grasp the most beautiful areas and most interesting along the length of the country Thailand. Depending on who provides equipment, where cyclists could not, so your vehicle will be transported on the plane to the next point of cycling.

Some tourist offices will be encouraged to add a trip to Angkor Wat near Cambodia again. I met my group of friends Bangkok we cycled straight to Phuket, a beautiful coastal city of Thailand, is surrounded by the incredibly romantic beach

You can plateau ChiangMai city, a beautiful city with lots of romantic scenery. We rode through the pine trees and lush bamboo forest where the couple getting married often come to take pictures; they leaned against the railing of the curve as the cliff.

Highland air is fresh and dry; we were enjoying the windy roads with low power engines hovering carrying gladiolus flowers and beautiful roses. ChiangMai is a city at an altitude of 1500m above sea level, and when we moved to a house to eat lunch along the way, all of us were gasping to breathe fresh air every drop. Great!

Traditional Food Culture

Thailand is a country with a tradition of cooking elaborate and complex. The dishes we’ve enjoyed a very varied taste, many dishes we rarely or never been seen in the menus of Thailand restaurants in North America .

We ate lunch at ChiangMai day – like most of the day – simple but very tasty with fresh ingredients are purchased food from morning markets: stuffed fried tofu, grilled beef wrapped guise leaves, venison pork skewer and forest, banana leaf wrapped tuna bake delicious mess. But in the traditional cuisine, we like most fried vegetables, a vegetable grown in water looks like spinach sauteed with garlic.